About the group

The ISAL student group is an international and interdisciplinary collection of students and post-docs interested in artificial life. The group was founded in September, 2016, following discussions at the ALIFE 2016 conference. Since then, the group has been meeting online to discuss ALife articles, share projects and job offers, and connect with each other. Follow the group here or on Twitter for updates.


We have organized events at the 2017 European Conference on Artificial Life and will be organizing similar events at the 2018 ALIFE conference.

Life, but not as we know it (NAWKI)

Every month, we explore a hypothetical of real and artificial life. Further information here.

Journal club

We meet usually once every two weeks to discuss an artificial life article for an hour. One member of the group prepares an overview of the article, which is followed by discussion.

ISAL award for Outstanding Student Research

We will be awarding a student paper award as part of the 2018 ISAL awards. Any published works by student members can be considered for nomination. Further details of the voting process and timeline will be posted in Slack.